IDL Software

The following programs for the reading and display of FUSE images and spectra have been contributed by various folks at JHU (Alex Fullerton, Don Lindler, Ed Murphy, Bill Oegerle, Dave Sahnow). If you would like to add programs to this pool, please send us a note.

Please note: Most of the programs below require the installation of the IDL astron library from GSFC. Older versions of this library had a bug in the program "mrdfits" making it unusable on FUSE files. Make sure you have a recent installation of the Astron library. These programs also assume the use of IDL version 5.

All programs listed below, and other required functions, are available for download in 2 unix tar files:

  1. fuse_idl_utilities_110600.tar November 6, 2000
  2. ltools_040501.tar April 5, 2001

Untar them, and place in your IDL path.

Contents of the FUSE IDL Utilities tape archive (tar) file:
This program is an IDL widget program for displaying 2D images. The original program, called, was written by Aaron Barth at CfA. Modifications for FUSE have been added, and hence the name change. The program has the look and feel of SAOimage.
This is a utility program which will read FUSE format raw FITS files for the purpose of turning them into 2D images for display. It automatically figures out the mode (ttag or spectral image) from the header. It is used by some of the other programs provided here.
This program reads in a raw ttag FITS file, and plots count rate versus time.
This program reads in a FUSE raw FITS file, and makes a gray-scale image plot of the detector segment for printing.
This program will calfuse extracted spectra from all 4 detector segments onto a single sheet of paper.

This program will add multiple raw histogram 2D images together.

Contents of ltools.tar

fuse_scan and fuse_analysis
IDL widget programs for displaying and manipulating FUSE data files, written by Don Lindler. There are many features in this program for manipulating time-tag data (even making movies!) fuse_analysis was developed by Lindler and Kathy Roth for displaying 1-D spectra which are produced by the FUSE calibration pipeline.